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For its second anniversary campaign, twenty years after the brand was created, Maje has decided to work again with Coco Captain - the young photographer and artist - following a highly successful initial collaboration. Who better to capture this fleeting state - the age when life starts to change?

Maje has opted to work with non standard models whose curiosity encourages them to study, discover new things, and experiment rather than just pose. Far from run-of-the-mill, expressions of modern diversity are celebrated through these three young women from different backgrounds who perfectly epitomise the ethnic diversity that has always been so dear to Maje since its creation. Coco approaches the shoot as a Yearbook; these albums of photos and memories so popular in American schools and universities.

Why? Maybe it is because nothing captures this unique moment better than these collections of portraits at the age of twenty. Somewhere between an almost lost innocence and certainties yet to be confirmed, we have this last portrait of a student who is both fragile and strong, and who always questions the image she has of herself at this pivotal moment.